Monday, May 14, 2012

President Obama Says Yes to Same Sex Marriage

Last week the President changed the game when he sat down with ABC News' Correspondent, Robin Roberts to discuss his views and stand regarding same sex marriage.  After looking at  the interview, I decided to peruse through different articles to see what was being said.   When I saw the following title, "Same Sex Marriage:  If Not Now, When?  If Not America's First African American President, Who?"  I stopped in my tracks.  What a heavy burden to be placed on one's legacy.

The author of the article also quoted several influential individuals that spoke about taking a stand, or letting your voice be heard.   I read the piece from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., that said, "There comes a time when one must take a stand that is neither expedient, that's neither safe, that's neither politic or that is neither popular, but he must take the stand because it is right."

What's interesting is the subject of gay marriage and gay rights really puts people on different sides of the fence, splits families and communities, almost like the American Civil War.  Actually, this is a type of Civil War.  What comes into play are moral issues, family, equality, civil rights, forgiveness and love to name a few.

As I discussed this subject with my daughter on Mother's Day, we had an open dialogue about how our faith as a Christian plays a role in our thought process, we talked about how if gay marriage is accepted, that means text books in our schools would have to be changed on how families are defined and inclusion.  It means sex education would be altered on discussing how we have traditionally defined love and procreation.  A lot goes into taking a stand on such an issue.

What I am discovering is that one has to be very clear on what they believe and use as their core and center when making such decisions.  This subject has a rippling effect that not only goes across the river, but will flow downstream to future generations. What does your heart say?

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