Monday, October 8, 2012

The Day of the Girl

This week I would like to bring attention to and highlight that the United Nations established October 11th  as "The International Day of the Girl."  The purpose of this day is to bring attention, celebrate, discuss and advance the lives of  girls across the globe.  It is believed when girls (and people) come together to discuss what really matters to them and what is real in their lives, new ways of thinking , stereotypes, discrimination and other real issues can be confronted and eradicated.

We at Forgiving For Living, Inc., know the power that comes when young ladies believe in themselves and are able to become all that they are meant to be.  The campaign to establish October 11th as "The Day of the Girl," was led in the United States by School Girls Unite.  The leading parties encouraged girls and organizations across the world to unite on this day in some sort of solidarity to show that girls matter and that we care.

According to the official website of this project, "history shows that it hasn't ever been easy to be a girl, and despite awesome changes in the status and perception of women and girls, herstory is still a complicated and challenging one."  Issues that young ladies still deal with today are:  illiteracy, violence, abuse, abandonment, self image issues and sex trafficking to name a few.  The parent body believes that in order for us to tackle the issues that face our girls today, we have to identify them as barriers and actually put programs and plans in place to help them reach their potential.  Forgiving For Living, does such through our Ambassador Mentor Programs, Workshops and our Annual Conference.  Together we will stand across Southern California in our T-shirts showing that we care and they matter!

Ironically, "The Day of the Girl" falls on the birthday of Eleanor Roosevelt, who happened to be at one time the First Lady and Chair of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.  I feel that both she and our current First Lady, Michelle Obama are wonderful examples and roles models for our girls!  There are many that we can proudly say have paved the way, but what are you doing to make a difference and touch the life of a young lady?

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