Monday, February 25, 2013


For the most part I normally don't really get caught up with the Oscars.  Some of my friends find that amazing since I was an actress for several years (almost a quarter of a century ago) and since for almost another 20 years I've been in the event business.  Both of my careers would scream pay attention to the Oscars.

However,  this year I was involved with putting on a fabulous affair at the Ebell of Los Angeles with co-chair Evelyn "Sparkle" Toliver and I have to say it was an amazing evening.  Although I had to wear a hat of "host" or "event coordinator," I was able to partake in the festivities and for the most part see what was going on the screen.  This year there weren't a lot of African Americans up for the golden statue, but we were present and represented.  Of course we all looked forward to seeing who wore what on the red carpet and who dazzled us and captivated our attention.   I would have to say, our first lady Michelle Obama, not only was amazing as usual wearing a silver Naeem Khan dress, but she closed the night by naming the best picture with class, style and purpose from the White House.

So as we were all enjoying the night and trying to have a good time, across the social media world, there was this (stupid) publication called The Onion that tweeted out about our young adorable girl actress Quvenzhane Wallis from the film, "Beasts of the Southern Wild" calling her a cunt.  When I heard that and then saw it in print I was done.  That was very offensive and not acceptable.  We're talking about  a young lady who was five when she auditioned for the film and is now nine.  Miss Wallis is the youngest nominee by the Academy Awards for Best Actress.  She has now gone on to star in Steve McQueen's upcoming film "12 Years a Slave," and was recently cast as the title character in the film remake of  "Annie." 

 I am a champion for young women and for their self esteem.  I am truly appalled by that comment.  As Actor Wendell Pierce said, "Identify the writer.  Let him defend that abhorrent verbal attack of a child.  You call it humor I call it horrendous."  We must protect our children and the virtue of our girls.  This is not acceptable and I'm paying attention!

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