Sunday, August 16, 2009

What does the word "Forgiveness" mean to you?

Hello...It's a calm Sunday evening and I thought that it would be a good time for me to come out and send another post. I actually posted on my Facebook page the question about what does Forgiveness mean to you....and what would you do if you were never forgiven for something you had done?

The answers were very interesting....what some felt was the meaning of "Forgiveness"

* Love
* Free
* A Live Saving Tool
* Peace
* Beauty
* Grace
* Mercy
* Jesus
* God
* Courage
* Act as if it never happened to you
* Empowerment
* Allowing the person that wronged you to evolve into a better person

What do you think the word Forgiveness means to you? I would love to hear your response...

Wendy Gladney


  1. Forgiveness is the clearing to create something new, it requires detachment from the past.

  2. I love this question (and I love you, Wendy!). Forgiveness to me means freedom...unforgiveness is bondage. As children of God, saved by the blood of Christ, we are born again to be free. How great is that?!!?

  3. I belong to a 12 step program and a part of becoming a better person is to make amends to people I may have harmed either directly or indirectly. I am not looking for forgiveness from them, I am actually looking for forgiveness from myself because of the guilt I feel for the wrongs I have caused. I cant expect everyone to forgive me but I can try not to act in that manner again and learn to change.