Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well today has been a bit challenging to say the least. First of all my car went out yesterday and I won't have time to even put it into the shop until next week because of my schedule...but today I had to deal with some tax issues and talking about "Forgiving For Living..." when you learn someone has messed you up and yet you have to go on and let it go....forgiveness can be a challenge.

Has anyone every experienced this before?

Just sharing and releasing...have a good evening.



  1. I know about someone messing you up! What makes it hard is when someone isn't even recognizing that they messed you up. How do you forgive someone when they aren't even sorry? For me it's very easy to forgive when someone apologizes sincerely and acknowleges what they've done. It's when they just act like they didn't do anything wrong, things feel so incomplete. Someone once told me that a person has to apologize in order for you to forgive them. This can't be! We have to still try to forgive so we can move on with our lives. We can't wait for someone to apologize, that may never happen.

  2. You are correct....we can't wait on a person to reach out and apologize to us. Remember forgiveness helps us first...the other person second. When you hold onto unforgiveness we are only hurting ourselves....so we must find a way to release the past, the pain, and the hold it has on us....for me it's through prayer, journaling, sharing with family and or close friends and then just make the CHOICE to free myself....thanks!