Monday, September 12, 2011

Challenge To Reinvent Oneself!

I've always loved the month of September. Not only is it the month I celebrate my birthday, but it has always represented the freshness of new beginnings. As I've shared before, it traditionally was the time when kids go back to school and new school clothes were purchased. It was also when new school supplies were bought, including stacks of paper and notebooks, new sharpened pencils, and everything else that would go with having a good beginning for a successful school year. By the way, I love new notebooks and pretty writing pens.

The weather also starts to take a change. It begins to cool off and a wind picks up that brushes across our face. We often look in the closet for that light jacket, blazer or sweater to keep us warm. We pay more attention to our wardrobe during this time because there's a lot of "mixing & matching." I think it's the time of year where we feel no matter what happened over the summer we still have a chance to make it a great year before the holidays take over.

I have decided to take a personal public challenge during this season and look at my life (turning 50 will do this to you) and see where do I really need to stop and make a change or improve. I all this the "Reinvention of Wendy." I don't plan to do anything drastic, but just subtle changes internally and externally so that I won't look up in a few years and not be happy where I am, how I feel about the choices I made and did I stop to take time to be the best that I can be.

I have decided to start with the following:
* Assess where I am with my convictions, commitments and my word. What do I need to do to get where I want to be?
* Simply stated get off my duff and really start an exercise plan that I will stay with including eating healthier and living like I want to live.
* Do a better job of lending a helping hand to those in need that I can touch. Dr. E.V. Hill used to say, "if you can don't lie, if you can't don't try!" Pretty to the point, if you can do something give it your best, otherwise leave it alone.

I challenge you to examine your own life and see what needs a little attention. The choices you make in life ultimately determine your destiny!

"Healing Without Hate: It's a Choice. It's a Lifestyle. Pass It On!"

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