Sunday, August 28, 2011

Turning 50

It's really interesting how birthdays can make you stop and reflect. Especially when it's one of the "big" ones. As I sit and write this week's column the clock is ticking and I'm about to turn 50 years old. Truth be told, I really don't mind and I'm in a better place than I've been in years, but the thought of being a half century makes a girl feel a little old. What's interesting several of my friends and colleagues keep sending me little messages that say, "welcome to the club."

After reflecting on the comments, I began to think about what is this "club" and who are the members? First of all the fact that we've made it to the half way mark of a century is something in itself. When I reflect back on my own personal life and the fact that I was born in my mother's sixth month of pregnancy and weighing just a couple of pounds is a miracle within itself. Compounding other life challenges and beating cancer all mean that I should be thankful to be at this point....and I am!

Most of us that have reached this milestone have experienced life, marriage, sometimes divorce, children and possibly death of loved ones. Hopefully we've learned what is important not to sweat the small stuff. Taking care of one's health, enjoying and cherishing loved ones, and helping others are some of the greatest simple pleasures we can experience and yet we often take them for granted or let them slip away.

As I started sharing in last weeks' column, I am really on a kick about the process of reinventing oneself, while forgiving yourself for the things you possibly didn't do right. Most of us have heard the saying that you attract what you put out. So the question is what are you putting out into the world? If you say you want better health, then start slowly cutting back on the things you shouldn't eat and start slowly walking a little every day. If you say you want friends, then show yourself friendly. If you say you want success, then start today doing one thing that can put you closer to your goals. Remember you can't expect something new if you keep doing the same old thing. Reinventing means letting go of the unnecessary things and looking at life from a new perspective. For me the second half of life is going to be beautiful and happy!

Healing Without Hate: It's a choice. It's a lifestyle. Pass it on!

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