Friday, October 21, 2011

Gaddafi's Death

Most of us are aware that Muammar Gaddafi, Longtime dictator of Libya was killed. They are still investigating all of the details pertaining to his death, but video tapes showed graphic images where his lifeless body was being dragged through the streets and over pavement with lots of blood. What's interesting is the men that were tormenting him chanted continuously "God is great," while they continued to beat him. I ask is this conduct just? Is it moral?

With all that is going on throughout the world and across the globe the question of "justice" could be asked. Justice means the quality of being just, righteousness, or moral rightness. It is the moral principle determining just conduct.

I am not a political correspondent nor do I even want to pretend to be so, therefore the main purpose of my comments are centered around the question of humanity and what is right. As I was raising my children, I always taught them that right is right if no one is doing it, and wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it. The question I pose is what are we doing? Is it right?

President Obama did address the death of Gaddafi in a press conference. He said that Libya won their revolution. Gadaffi was known as one of the world's longest serving dictators and now he is no more. He was accused of crimes against humanity, but the way he was murdered was that humane? With all of the violence and hatred that has been stirring for all this time did this action bring peace?

Forgiveness has to be part of any dialogue and solution if we want to even have a hope of a better future for the next generations to come. I'm not saying that Gaddafi (or anyone else for that matter) was correct in his actions, but have we searched and sought all forms of understanding and possible reconciliation?

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