Friday, October 28, 2011

Wandering Generalities Oppose to a Meaningful Specific

The older we get the more it seems like time just keeps on passing us by. I was recently reflecting with a friend and I told him I just turned "50". He reminded me that it was almost two months ago! How did eight weeks fly so fast? As we continued to talk he said, make sure you don't fall into "wandering generalities oppose to a meaningful specific," with the things you've set your mind to do.

Okay, after I stopped to give his expression some thought, I had to think about how deep a simple phrase can really be. Honestly this made me reflect on everything I currently had on my list and reviewed it to make sure I wasn't just being "busy," but actually taking care of "business." Now of course it's important to be balanced and have fun in life, but also remember what your goals are and what you are purposed to do.

I've started to notice in some of the conversations I'm having with friends, clients and new acquaintances, many are disappointed with themselves for not really going after what's in their heart to accomplish. What I've observed is there are as many different reasons as people for why they aren't going after what they really want. The three biggest reasons seem to be fear, or they don't believe they deserve it, or they feel they've waited too long and it's too late.

My response is first, fear is "false evidence appearing real." Don't give into fear. It cripples people all the time and it is actually the opposite of faith or believing. Secondly, you must believe in yourself and what you were put on this earth to do. No matter what you've heard otherwise. Third, as long as you, we, us have breath in our bodies it is NEVER too late to go after what you really want. Learn as much as you can about what it is you want to do, find out who else is doing it, and start surrounding yourself with people of like mind.

I believe if you really don't fight and try to make your dreams a reality you will be mad at yourself. If that happens, you will wake up one day asking yourself for forgiveness. Always remember nothing beats a failure but a try!

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