Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trayvon Martion Justice Brings Forgiveness

All of us are
familiar with the tragic killing of Trayvon Martin that took place on February
26th by a self appointed neighborhood watchman who's name is George Zimmerman
in Sanford Florida outside of Orlando.
As of the time of this submission George Zimmerman is still a free man
that has not been arrested, while a mother weeps for justice.

We also know from
recordings that Martin realized he was being followed and he asked Zimmerman
why he was following him. Zimmerman
called into 911 reporting that Martin looked suspicious because he was wearing
a "hoodie." Police told
Zimmerman to stand down and wait for the police to get there and yet Zimmerman
disregarded these demands. When police
arrived and Martin was dead, it was reported that Zimmerman stated he acted in
self defense. PLEASE!

As a mother, my heart
goes out to Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon's mother, because I too have a wonderful,
handsome, and promising young African American son. She was reported as saying, "the
investigation won't matter unless the result is in the arrest and prosecution
of George Zimmerman." This mother
is asking for justice.

As many know, I am a
strong advocate for forgiveness. I also
believe in justice. Wanting one does not
cancel out the other. I believe
oftentimes for forgiveness to thrive, justice must exist. A question that many are asking is
"what's so special about this particular young man, black men are killed
almost on a daily basis?" My
response to this is sometimes we get sick and tired of being sick and tired and
enough is enough.

As we close out Women's
History Month, I would like to draw a parallel discussion using Ms. Rosa Parks. Ms. Rosa was not the first African American
woman to refuse giving up her seat to a white person, but she was the right
woman at the right time to cause a nation to have the courage and strength to
take a stand on her behalf. In my
opinion, Trayvon Martin also represents the many African American boys and men
that are innocently killed and have no voice.
The nation is taking a stand from the White House down by letting their
voices be heard and if need be wearing their "hoodie." Let's not let this be another situation where
a young man, a young African American dies in vain.

Healing Without
Hate: It's a choice. It's a lifestyle.
Pass it on!

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