Sunday, December 11, 2011

Protect Our Children No Matter What

Many of us have read or heard about the sex abuse scandals whether it involves the church, colleges or sports. Conversations have ranged from how can something like that happen, to can you believe a "man of God" could even fathom such a thing. I haven't said much about these stories, but I think it's time for me to step up and give my thoughts regarding a couple of cases in the news as of late.

Let's start with the story regarding Jerry Sandusky the ex - Penn State coach arrested on sex abuse charges. He has been accused of being a pedophile who preyed upon young boys under the guise of being a "do-gooder." To date as I write this he has been charged with assaulting 10 victims. He is facing a total of 40 counts of child sexual abuse.

In the same breath in another state we have Bishop Eddie Long from New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Georgia taking a brief leave of absence from his church to take care of "family business" after being accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with several young men. It has been declared that he settled with them after months of mediation.

My point in discussing all of this is to say sexual abuse against children is an outrage and Forgiving For Living, Inc., although it focuses on young ladies and women, believes that abuse of any kind and against anyone is a disgrace and should be dealt with. Especially when it comes to children. Parents are going to have to be more aware and mindful of where their children are and who they are spending time with. We can't assume just because of someone's title and status they can automatically be trusted. Why do minors need to be spending so much unsupervised attention with adults in the first place?

As it relates to the question or thought that abuses must have been abused and that's why they do what they do. Hogwash! I know plenty of people who have experienced pain or abuse as children that have never hurt anyone, especially children. That's an excuse and outright disgusting. Excuses are not accepted. If you've been hurt or wounded, get help. Don't perpetuate negative cycles. Let's hold others accountable. Let's protect our children.

Healing Without Hate: It's a choice. It's a lifestyle. Pass it on!

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